Your Ascension Home

Who Are You?

A profound question, millions are asking themselves as the massive spiritual awakening gathers momentum and moves across our planet.

Are You Searching For More?

Are you connected as one in body, mind and spirit? Are you aligned with who you really are? Are you fulfilled with the daily life you are currently leading?

Channeled Messages – Channeling the Divine

Lea Rowley and her team of light workers bring God’s words of love, direction, and clarity to life for individuals, the masses, businesses and governments for the ascension of humanity, Mother Gaia, and multiple universes.

Imagine You Truly Free

Imagine deeply loving yourself. You feel self-worth and self-respect as you live out your heart and soul mission. Beyond mental, physical, emotional and perceived religious and societal boundaries you, are free of shame, blame, guilt, judgment, perfectionism, lethargy and fear. You are freely discovering your inner-most gifts, talents and your highest self.

You ~ Living Your Highest Path

How does it feel discovering your own inner truth? Aligning as one in body, mind and spirit. Centered in your heart and soul. Daily living out your highest mission in life.

Your Truth ~ Your Ascension Home

For those just awakening, to those who have been awake for years. Here you will find love, light, peace, guidance, strength, hope and support. All to help you advance and ascend to your highest self as one in body, mind and spirit.

Your Journey ~ Your Way

In a safe loving environment, Lea Rowley and her team view each person as whole, centered and real. Helping you ascend to your highest self. 

Here you are celebrated for your truth. You are encouraged to inner-remember and inner-feel who you truly are. To discover and live out your highest callings in life; your heart and soul mission.